Breaking Through the Barriers To B2B Payment Solutions

Accounts Receivable - Two Reasons Why You Should Be Cash Greedy

Accounts receivable typically isn't classified as an optimized, cutting edge, strategic or progressive department. It's simply the department that collects money. As a business, you want to find ways to keep more cash. See the benefits of A/R automation, and learn why the goal is to be CASH greedy.



CFOs & Controllers: 10 Payment Automation Secrets Your Banker Won't Tell You ( a Free eBook Download)

As a CFO or Controller, you maintain a close relationship with your banker. As a result, working directly with your bank may seem like the natural step to automatic payment or to making your electronic payments easier, especially when you consider the demands for time of your finance staff, knowledge of your IT resources project list, and other staffing limitations.



Video Blog: How Payments Impact Your Business and Relationships

The efficiency of your A/P processes can play a part in strengthening supplier relationships. Find out the impact of payments on your B2B relationships.



Spend More Time Managing Finances Not Managing Paper

Automating Accounts Payable doesn't have to start with a paradigm shift. Controllers seem stupefied to hear that a paradigm shift isn't required because they are frequently told that Automating Accounts Payable begins with creating workflows for automating invoice matching to purchase orders or electronifying routing invoices for approvals and so on.

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